Thursday, May 7, 2015

Building a Blog - Simple and Small start with MVC

Okey, so I decided to keep up with programing and do something with MVC, so I thought Why not make my own Blog? Such a simple thought. But people would think "why would you do that when you have free options?" well...what kind of an answer do you want? "Free = Easy, Easy = not worth it"? I bet some of people are thinking "but if it is free it doesn't mean that is not doing what you want" this is true, but my point is not just to have a blog...I mean...I already have this Blogger blog, but my point is when trying to do something is to understand better how something works, it's also nice to have something to work with always when you want to program and stick to it.

Once I had a professor saying "one day a programmer next living on a street" just because he meant you can easily forget the logics and how stuff work if you don't stick to it often enough, but also...because I don't know if you heard this as often as I did from my dad, but - Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum - meaning Repetition is the mother of all knowledge (duh!) but this is true, and it might sound boring and like "/inhales *eyeroll* not this BS again.../exhales" but it's not about repeating brainlesly something, it's more about being consistent with what you do. Eventually you have that, what you do, programmed in your brain without even thinking about it and some things become easier, and better learned.

But! I'll not bore you with the "lectures" and I will try to continually post about this project. And I want to make it be from the perspective of someone who...doesn't really like too much info at once, but rather take small steps and build upon it. I mean...I wanted to do my own blog before, but whenever I come to a tutorial or something its like "Introduction!" and you get like "oh nice first steps" and then jaw drops down from wall of text about class libraries you don't know what they do and what's the purpose of their methods/functions, but they say "this is just an intro about what we will be dealing with" and I really felt like - Expression - AND I JUST READ INTRO!!

The moment has passed. Passion has died. It could be that I am just like that. I want right now, this moment, now, to start making or better said work on something that matters. All that talk...of what we will do kills me. So to me not become like that, I will cut straight to the point, what is that I want to share with you.

First of all, I do consider myself still new with MVC, I had a graduation project for my university and that helped me understand tons of stuff. But I want to this Blog project, I want to share how do I think when starting something I've never done before and I'm doing it from scratch. I think it's important to do it this way because, for me at least, I get to understand things more deeper. And I MUST understand things as deep as possible.

I can't imagine myself, going in front of someone that called me to explain him something, when I went trough some problem and solved it and tell him or her: "oh this works like that because I've read it on the net" No way. I have to go into every detail why something works, how and where can I use it. And I think this is can also be noticeable with people who stick with problems longer then others. But what a better way to understand something than to start it simple? If you can't understand something simple, you can't explain it so others can understand you. Some people don't understand the simple "yes" or "no" but that's another story.

 So let's start with something simple, but also set a few goals.

Blog - something SIMPLE to start with

All right. When I think of Blog, I have right on the spot few thoughts. Blog name, Posts, Comments, Dates. You've seen blog post before haven't you? Maybe you did, but you don't even know it because sometimes the content you had to read was so useful to you that you didn't even see it was a blog, but that's also another thing, maybe I will speak about it sometime later. So Blog Name, Posts, Comments, Dates. Those are 4 thoughts I have in my head when saying "blog". And right now when I think of making that blog, all I can think of it is Blog and Posts. I have no idea how to set Comments and to track for which post it has been commented on, or dates. I won't even think of it now. Right now I am just going to set a Blog with a name, and Posts for that blog.

So here:

1. Blog name = Dusan Blog
2. Posts

There. The core of a blog, but also a Simple start. What next you ask? Next, we should connect them right? And we will do that using Visual Studio 2013 Express for Web which you can download here: link. But before doing that, I want to also set a goal. But this goal is not going to be "I will make a Blog.Wao." I want to set a working process of how I will build this Blog. Git. I don't know if you heard about it or if you ever had a chance to get to work with it, but this is basically what some companies might ask of you to work with. Now what is a Git? Think of it as a Cloud Drive. You know Google Drive? One Drive? DropBox? This is basically that, but! Git is made for a developers to BETTER work on their projects.

I am enhancing word BETTER because that BETTER means while you develop your application, you can quickly get the latest of what has been done to your project and also upload the latest changes you have made to the application. The BETTER part comes, when 5 other people start working on your application, adding something super-awesome in it, completely indifferent of what you are doing, and when they are done, your application is that much stronger as your part and their part is connected or better said merged together. But it's more about better workflow process when working with a team of people. So just think about it like that "Git is good for me, because it will open me a door to work in a team of people and we will achieve more"

It's also nice because MVC as such is extremely good when working in a team of people. You should read a bit about GiT and how is being used as it is really nothing too much to read about, but I will show you how we will set it up for the Blog we will use. So in the next post I will start showing you step by step from where we will begin, first doing a small set up for GiT, then MVC in Visual Studio 2013 Express for Web.