My name is Dušan Aćimović. I am a web & a software developer with a bachelor degree in Information Technologies.

What is the purpose of this blog?

- My goal in making and maintaining this blog is generally about Information Technologies. I'll try to orient it and make posts about everything that includes software development, for web, desktop applications.

What about the programing languages that we can expect to see?

- I am working as an ASP.NET C# Developer for desktop and web. I most of the times orient towards the web, however I do not flee from desktop either.

28 random facts about Dushan: 

1. People tend to call me Dush.

2. I was borned in 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia.

3. I have a twin brother! And 3 years older sister.

4. I sometimes tend to talk very loud due to excitement of understanding or being happy about specific thing.

5. I am an introvert.

6. I used MS-DOS for 5 years.

7. I am open minded.

8. I finished high-school for automechanics.

9. Started self-tought and learning programing language Action Script 2.0.

10. Started self-learning a guitar for 10 years now maybe a bit less, purely from hobby and my passion for music.

11. Started self-learning of animation in program 3D Studio Max, later oriented more towards Adobe Flash, and even more later After Effects and Video editing.

12. I like to eat fast food.

13. I like to play video games. A lot. In fact, I think I'll never stop.

14. I always like to learn something new that will come in handy later. For example, how to make pizza...

15.  My favorite drink is Coca-Cola ZERO with lemon and ice. Kind of comes with the games. But I try not to take it to much.

16. I have tendencies to do exercises for a month or so to loose 7kilograms while drinking purely water and eating paper (figuratively speaking).

17. I sometimes compose music and write lyrics. I don't plan when or why, I just do it when I feel things have to go out and can't be held inside.

18. I used to care a lot, then people happend.

19. I finished 1 year long Academy for Design and Multimedia, direction Video and Sound design.

20. I don't have favorite song, nor movie. There are songs and movies I like more then the others.

21. I watch cartoons. Regulary.

22. Batman is my hero of all times.

23. Don't tell me I can't do something. Yes, I can.

24. I like efficiency.

25. I don't like wasting time. No metter what it is. If I do something I want to do it properly.

26. One of the quotes I like is and I belive it is true "If you can't explain something to 5 years old kid, you don't understand it your self." - Albert Einstein.

27. I am not a god believer nor I worship satan, nor I don't belive there ain't higher force. I just don't define things people want me to define them the way they have been tought to define them.

28. I like science even though I am not scientist.